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Mar. 24th, 2009 10:11 pm
mayfid: (clockwork)
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I was cleaning out the tool folder in my start menu on the big lappy, and I decided I wanted to share the remaining items. (Please note that this doesn't cover stuff I keep in other folders such as "av", "defense", "graphics edit" or "internets")

CPUZ Identifies what cpu, motherboard, and memory are installed in your compy.
Network Stumbler See the wireless networks in your locality.
InSSIDer Another network scanner.
Yahoo Widgets You can find a widget to do nearly anything you'd want. I just use the calander and weather widget.
WinDirStat Disk usage analyzer and visualizer. See if you have more porn or music.
Switch Off Schedule a shutdown, restart, hibernation, and a few other things. I use it to hibernate my compy after a long download, I just set the countdown for a bit longer than the download estimate and I leave for work or go to bed or whatever.
ReNamer Batch renaming program. Good for putting a bunch of file in the same name format, so they number in order.
System Explorer Task manager replacement.
Stardock windowblinds Skin windows and totally change its look.
Ashampoo WinOptimizer Quick and easy system cleaner.
CCleaner Cleans the crap files out of your compy.
Smart Defrag Yep, defrag.
Glary Utilities Free all in one system cleaner.
FSCapture portable Newer versions cost money, but this screen capture program works great.
BURNCDCC It burns .iso files to cds and dvds. Thats all it does, and it does it well.
Desktop List View As Lifehacker says: "DesktopListView is an really tiny application that activates a list view of small icons on your destop, giving you more room for an intriguing desktop or custom-sized windows."
Launchy Type the first few letters of the name of a program into launchy and launch that program.
7zip Free multi-format archive and compression program.

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